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Internet Armory

The mission of the Armory is to assist American citizens exercise with confidence and safety their right to acquire, possess and use firearms.  This is accomplished by disseminating information regarding handguns, long guns, ammunition and accessories intended to foster appreciation and enjoyment of gun ownership.

This domain seeks to promote public proficiency in the use of pistols, revolvers, carbines, rifles and shotguns for purposes of sport, recreation, hunting, self defense and the protection of individual and collective liberty, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Related topics include the character and composition of  knives and other sharp edged tools for utility and survival.

Content and catalogue of the Armory is currently being updated and refreshed to address the interests and requirements of those among us who embrace camping, hunting, exploring the outdoors and "prepping".


In medieval times which spanned the middle age of Western Civilization,  the "armory" served as the castle repository for weapons, armor and other implements of war. 

Internet Armory serves a comparable social function, now informational, and thus exhibits a similar gothic structure. 

During the past decades, the Armory website featured an on-line catalogue of firearms, ammunition and gun-related merchandise for sale.  Thanks and appreciation are extended to the many customers who allowed the Armory to serve their firearm and accessory needs during this period.

With an invigorated perspective on business, the Armory is now in the process of restocking our catalogue.  Merchandise will focus on the needs of those seeking to protect and provide for themselves, their families, neighbors and community in the event of man-made or natural disasters. Gear, tools and equipment will be prioritized in a hierarchy  of "must have", "good to have " and  "nice to have" in product categories of security, sustenance, shelter, first aid and survival.    


The Armory complements the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights in the way a neighborhood library complements the First.  Linger in the various "munitions rooms".  They contain a wealth of gun lore.

Whether you are already an accomplished enthusiast of the shooting sports, or are perhaps merely inquisitive about firearms, ammo, self defense and gun-related activities and issues, the Armory welcomes you to its domain.

This website was last updated in August 2018.


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