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The Armory is an on-line informational resource as well as a commercial enterprise.  The on-line catalogue has been temporarily suspended to allow the product line to be expanded, renewed and refocused to include outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists as well as sportsmen (and women!). Thank you to all who allowed the Armory to serve your firearm and accessory needs during the past decades!

Comments are always welcome, and will be best addressed if you communicate through e-mail.  Please be advised that due to the proliferation of various computer viruses, no e-mails will be opened if they have attachments or otherwise are  suspect.

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Keep in mind that the purpose of this site is basic education and enjoyment: a "Guns 101".  Other forums and blogs are more appropriate for advanced topics, particularly those that are controversial, highly technical, or largely focus on discussing the nuances of divergent opinions.


Some of the information on this site regarding ammunition is dated, derived from data in the public domain current as of approximately late 1990's - early 2000's.  It remains on this site as a baseline.  Access is free.

Technological advances in the design and manufacture of firearms, ammunition and knives have undoubtedly occurred.  More recent information on some topics may be available from other sources.  However, one will likely find that certain updated information may come with a cost: subscription web sites and commercial print media.

This site was last updated in August 2018.  



The contents of this domain are intended to educate, inform and entertain.  All content, unless otherwise acknowledged as to source, represents the opinion of the author, Internet Armory LLC.  Materials are intended to acquaint the reader with some of the practical knowledge necessary to competently and safely enjoy the shooting and hunting sports. 

The Armory also serves as a political forum where citizens may learn to appreciate their inherent right to exercise the choice of self defense, personal protection and maintenance of individual and collective liberty as recognized and guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

This domain is protected by the First Amendment, which ensures the unfettered right to free and open speech. 

By accessing the material contained in this domain, one acknowledges that they are competent to discern what constitutes legality in their own unique jurisdiction.  Citizens of the United States acknowledge their familiarity with local, state and federal statutes, laws, ordinances, rules and regulations which may affect their conduct, actions or behaviors and ability to own, possess or otherwise carry controlled categories of firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories and knives.

The Armory is not responsible for the misuse, improper use, negligent use, illegal or criminal use of any of the information  available at the Armory, or its associated domain,




All materials, including artwork, photos and graphics as well as text and tabular narrative are the property of Internet Armory LLC, protected by U.S. copyright laws.  Copyright 2001.  All rights reserved.  No material may be taken or otherwise appropriated for commercial use.  Please feel free to print information as you so choose for your own personal, non-commercial needs. 



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